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This year, it was held in Min Kok Restaurant, Jalan Labu Lama, Seremban.  At RM250/= a table for 10, it was affordable to all diners.  Once again, your committee managed to hit the target of 106 tables.  To entertain us for the night, we had Tony Franco's Band from Malacca.  

The highlight of the evening was the official launching of the OPA web site together with the web sites of our Secondary and Primary schools.  we would like to apologize for the noise and poor visibility during the launching.  The place was definitely not conducive for such a launch.

The other highlights of the launches were (a) the '50th Year group' led by Mr Vipin Patel and an honour was also given to Mr Chin Kong Foo (a guest of the organisers).  He was a former teacher at the alma mater who at 82 looked as fit as a fiddle; (b) The 25th Year group led by Mr Bernard Kanny.  Regarding 'P.D.'s views (NSTP dated 21.9.04) that souvenirs should have been given to the 50th year group, they were actually given special OPA T shirts.  However, the emcee did not announce that such a presentation was to be made.  As for the noise, what could we do as most of the diners meet only once a year and some over a few years.  Moreover, the acoustics in the dining hall were poor.  The '30th year group' led by Mr Vincent Rayappan also had a LCD presentation of their activities.

Scholastic awards were presented to members' children who had excelled in public examinations (7 A's in PMR, SPM, and STPM (A-Levels) in 2003 as shown below:

Students' Name


Parents' Name


Ms Chong Pei Kay


Mr & Mrs Chong Kheng Fui

Ms Cristael Lee Jen Yi


Mr & Mrs Kevin Lee Yee Seng

Ms Christine Tee Mei Quin


Mr & Mrs Simon Tee Ah Bah

Ms Alicia Yan Choy Li


Mr & Mrs Yan Wee Seong

Ms Lai Poh Wan


Mr & Mrs Lai Kai Sam

Mas Chong Yu Bin


Mr & Mrs Chong Voon Shin

Mas Lim Juin‑Eu


Mr & Mrs Lim Chee Seng

Mas Carl Jesudas Samuel


Dr & Mrs Bob D Samuel

Mas Justin Lim Kian Yew


Mr & Mrs Joseph C S Lim


Ms Eunice Lim Seok Hui


Mr & Mrs Lim Hong Nian

Ms Vanessa Louis


Dr & Mrs Lionel Louis

Mas Chris Lee Yit Hsiung


Mr & Mrs James Lee Fook Mun

Mas Chen Fan Jiet


Mr & Mrs Chen Ah Keng

Mas Lee Hcng Fah


Mr & Mrs Lee Yuen Loy

Ms Lai Huiyin


Mr & Mrs Lai See Ming

Ms Sylvia Sushila Samuel


Dr & Mrs Bob D. Samuel

Ms Grace Chan Chi Kit


Mr & Mrs Steven Weng Choy

Mas Jason Lee Chee Kin


Mr & Mrs Lee Ling Sum


Ms Chong Sook Mei


Mr & Mrs Chong Voon Shin


Ms Joanna P Y Lim


Mr & Mrs Lim Mun Foh



Mementos were also presented to the following members.

International Award 2004: Lai See Ming CStJ

State Award: Br Bob D Samuel PPT

The Tan Sri Dato' Chan Choong Tak Award was also presented to the best‑all‑round student of the alma mater, Master Sudheeran Sivathasan.

We would like to record our sincere thanks to our faithful old Paulians, friends, SPI Secondary Principal (Mr Yap Ooi Beng), SPI Primary Headmistress (Ms Jeyadhevi Subramaniam), prefects, advertisers and sponsors who had helped us in one way or another to make our function a success.  This year, we did not go all out to collect advertisements for the souvenir programme and only a few committee members did the collection to defray the cost of printing it.


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