Rev. Bro. James Macken FSC Eulogy
Written by: Mr Kenneth Kulasingham

“A tribute to Rev. Bro. James Macken FSC

“How far that little candle throws his beams?
So shines on good deed in a naughty world”
(A quote from Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice)

This could be summed up as the labour of the De La Salle Christian Brothers. The De La Salle Brothers have been in Singapore and Malaysia since 1852.

They are a band of men ‘inspired under God to provide the answer to serious problems of the time. With this in mind, John Baptist de La Salle in the 17th century gave this dedicated human beings ‘form and direction’.

And one of the numerous Christian Brothers who came to St Paul’s Institution was Rev. Bro. James Macken.

Bro. James became the Director of St Paul’s Institution on Mont La Salle, Lobak on the 13th of February 1975 and remained here until 28th February 1991.

He served as the Director for 16 years (the longest serving Bro. Director) and that record will never be broken.

We received news of his demise on 26th January 2012. We also understand that he was buried in the community cemetery in Castleton, Laois, Ireland.

Bro. James Macken is probably best known for his emphasis on the La Sallian traditions.
No Paulian team would ever represent the school without the traditional green jerseys.
No assembly or special Paulian celebration would be complete without the rendition of the ‘School Rally’ or the Victory March.

Every Paulian until today remembers “Render with joy to your Mater her due” and “Sons of St Paul’s valiant and true.”

OR ‘Cheer, cheer, for old St Paul’ ....
Shake down the thunder from the sky!”

All these traditions were instilled in the students and who can forget his battle cry of “Who’s the Best!” to a resounding reply of S P I

This Paulian Spirit has been imbued in the minds of all Paulians and Bro. James, ‘Thank you’ for reminding us of a sense of being a part of a great institution.So a great line of Christian Brother Directors had come to an end on 28th February 1991 when Bro. James retired as Director. From the time of Bro. Isidorse 82 years ago St Paul’s, Seremban saw the end of the La Salle Christian Brother administration.

But Paulians of today remember your battle cry ‘What the odds be great or small,
Old St Paul’s will win over all!’

With that, we will say “Goodbye Bro. James Macken. You will be in our thoughts and our prayers for a long, long time.
May God bless you and may you ‘Rest in Peace!’


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