Rev. Bro. James Macken Memorial – Another Moment in Paulian History
by Dr Ganakumaran Subramaniam


The Bro. James Macken Memorial Event held at St. Paul’s Institution primary on 21st April 2012 was a unique event, probably one that has no parallel in the history of SPI. Jointly organised by the Old Paulians’ Association and the Board of Governors of SPI primary and secondary, the event was aimed at remembering Bro. James Macken in SPI, a school to which he gave so much of his life, energy and passion to. The primary school volunteered to host this event to recognise Bro. James’ contribution for single-mindedly overseeing the construction of SPI primary in its current site. Mr. Siva at the primary school office who had also served in SPI under the leadership of Bro. Felix and Bro. James clearly remembers the days and nights Bro. James would spend overseeing the construction of the SPI primary school between 1979 and 1980. Such was his passion and commitment to St. Paul’s Institution.

The late Rev. Bro. James Macken, FSC. was the 18th and longest serving (1975 – 1991) Brother Director of St. Paul’s Institution, Seremban. He served as a teacher, Sub-Director and the Director of St. Paul’s Institution for a total of 22 years. The legacy of his leadership and contribution is highly significant and is remembered by thousands of Paulians he taught and inspired during SPI’s Jamesonian era.

When the event was first conceived there was a lot of apprehension about how it would be received by Paulians, and the teachers who served with him, particularly since it was being held in SPI primary, however on April, 21st about 250 passionate young and old Paulians, and friends turned up to make it a resounding success.

The BJM Memorial Celebration was officiated by Rev. Bro. Felix Donohue, FSC and attended by a host of other special people including;
1. Tan Sri Dato’ Chan Choon Tak and members of the SPI primary school board
2. Members of the SPI secondary school board
3. Mr. David Wee, President of OPA and members of the Management Committee
4. Ms. Lucy Ratnam, Principal SPI Secondary and teachers
5. Ms. Zakiah, the Acting Head of SPI primary and teachers
6. Past- principals of SPI Secondary – Mr. Kenneth Kulasingham, Mdm. Yap See Moi
7. Past Heads of SPI Primary – Ms Jeyadhevi Subramaniam, Mr. Chen Ah Keng
8. Past- teachers of SPI primary and secondary


Some of the large and passionate group who had gathered
to celebrate the event

All that brought them was a passion for the Alma Mater and
a love for a revered teacher



The Stalwart and the mesmerised Young Paulians


They stood long and listened to the story of St. Paul’s and a brother
who gave the best part of his life to our beloved school


The Laying of Bouquets at the St. Paul’s Monument

St. Paul’s decked with colourful bouquets
The honour belonged to Bro. Felix Donohue, Tan Sri Chan and Mr. David Wee.


Opening of the Paulian Heritage Display


It is a sight to beholden – a proud symbol of a brilliant heritage

Paulians new and old captured in a moment of history


The Unveiling of the Bro. James Macken Memorial Plaque

The memorial plaque bears Bro. James’ iconic battle cry - “Who’s the best? St. Paul’s!”



The Declaration that the Buildings in SPI Primary will henceforth be called Rev. Bro. James Macken Building,
Rev. Bro. Isidore Albert Building and Rev. Bro. Lewis Edward Building.

Heritage and history brought to live to be in Paulian thoughts each day



The Launching of the Rev. Bro. James Macken Student Welfare Fund


Deserving and proud Young Paulians
( the inaugural recipients of the BJM awards)
The following individuals deserve special mention for their support and generosity towards the event and the welfare fund;
• Mr. K.M. Chia
• Mr. Stephen Chan
• Mr. Michael Soh
• Mr. Wong Chee Meng
• Mr. David Wee Toh Kiong
• Mr. Ng Yee Tim


The organising committee members of the BJM Memorial Celebration were
Dr.Ganakumaran Subramaniam, Cpt. Adrian Abraham, Mr. Santhanasamy Amaladass,
Mr. Lee Kok Keong, Mr. Low Siak San, Ms. Anita Timothy, Mr.Karunanithi, Mr. S. Vasan.


Rev. Bro. James Macken FSC Eulogy

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