The OPA 80th Anniversary Dinner was held in Royal Adeplphi Hotel, Seremban on Saturday, 2nd September 2006. Once again, your committee managed to hit the target of 105 tables. All retired Principals, Headmasters and retired teachers who had taught in St. Paul's for at least 10 years were invited to the dinner. To entertain us for the night, we had the ‘D Wizards Band’ led by our committee member, Mr Francis Singh and the Mardi Gras Fantasy Show. The evening was made very lifely by the emcee, Mr. Gerard Ratnam, an old paulian who is with the RTM.

Among the distinguished guests present were: Rev. Bro. Peter Foo (Brother Visitor), Rev. Bro. Dr Michael Jacques FSC (Malaysian Federation of La Sallian Associations Advisor), Rev. Bro. Felix Donohue FSC (Former Bro. Director), Rev. Bro. Ambrose Loke, Miss Ho Chee Kit, President of the Malaysia Federation of La Sallian Associations, Dr Goh Cheng Teik (OXA President), Mr Adrian Tsen (OMA President), Mr. Michael Sng (Singapore SJBOA President) and representatives from the various La Sallian Associations.

The highlight of the evening was the association's 80th Anniversary Celebration. Paulians over the age of 80 were invited on stage to lead the celebration. The 25th Year group led by Rev. Fr. Julian Leow celebrated their Silver Anniversary.

As usual, scholastic awards were presented to members' children who had excelled in public examinations (7 A's in PMR, SPM, and STPM (A-Levels) in 2005. They are as follows:-

Name   Parents
1. Miss Angeline Law Sek Peng 8As Mr & Mrs Joseph Law Chai Lye
2. Mas Lai Yoong Hean 8As Mr & Mrs Lai Yoke Beng
3. Mas Tham Shi Wei 7As + 1B Mr & Mrs Tham Swee Loong
4. Miss Lai Poh Yee 7As Mr & Mrs Lai Kai Sam
5. Miss Lee Kah Lian 7As Mr & Mrs Lee Yuen Loy
6. Miss Soh Kah Mun 7As Mr & Mrs Soh Siew Kin
7. Mas Iyngaran Ravindran 7As Dr Premalatha Gopal Das
8. Mas Lim Jun-Zhao 7As Mr & Mrs Lim Chee Seng
1. Miss Niwasini Ravindran 10A1s + 1A2 Dr Premalatha Gopal Das
2. Miss Cristabel Lee Jen Yi 10A1s + 1A2 Mr & Mrs Kevin Lee Yee Seng
3. Miss Lai Poh Wan 9A1s + 2A2 Mr & Mrs Lai Kai Sam
4. Mas Justin Lim Kian Yew 9A1s + 2A2 Mr & Mrs Joseph Lim Chan San
5. Miss Chong Pei Kay 8A1s + 3A2 Mr & Mrs Chong Kheng Fui
6. Miss Tee Pei Hwa 7A1s + 3A2 Mr & Mrs Tee Kim Ming
7. Mas Tham Yee Quan 7A1s + 2A2 Mr & Mrs Tham Lai Ming
8. Miss Lai Yeng Yeng 6A1s + 2A2 Mr & Mrs Lai Yoke Beng
9. Mas Lim Jun-Su 5A1s + 5A2 Mr & Mrs Lim Chee Seng
10. Mas Hui Yew Won 2A1s + 7A2 Mr & Mrs Hui Chee Kooi
1. Mas Lee Heng Fah 4As Mr & Mrs Lee Yuen Loy